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Best cities to visit in Brazil 2020

If you are planning to travel to Brazil, you should consider visiting the Northeast region of the
country. You will always find beaches and sunshine, great food, fun activities, and welcoming
people. I have visited the following cities during different times, Porto de Galinhas for a day,
Salvador for a week, and Natal for two weeks. You can easily enjoy the best attractions in each
city throughout a week, so I would recommend planning a trip of one week for each of them.
This article will help you understand why you should visit them overall.

Porto de Galinhas - PE

It is a famous tourist attraction in the state of Pernambuco because of its beautiful beach with
clear water. People can easily see colorful fishes and this beach is a great place for diving which
helps to see beautiful corals as well. The village has a wonderful view with many coconut trees,
several stores for clothing and gift shops with handicrafts, great restaurants, and a sculpture of a
chicken where people can take pictures (galinha means chicken in Portuguese). There is also a
sculpture of the name Porto de Galinhas where many people take good pictures.

Porto de Galinhas Sculpture

Diving in Porto

Salvador - BA

Salvador is the capital of Bahia, and it’s famous for Pelourinho. This word means pillory and
unfortunately, was the place where slaves were flogged. The city has a beautiful European
architecture that has remained the same over centuries. Also, I went to Pelourinho because it is
where Michael Jackson recorded part of his video, “They don’t care about us.” I visited the
building he showed up in the video and talked with the owner of the place, where now has a
store selling Michael Jackson items. His name is Carlos, and he will tell you everything about
when MJ went to Salvador in 1996. Another attraction is the Lacerda Elevator, which is a public
elevator connecting the lower city to the upper city with a breathtaking view of the bay.  

Lacerda Elevator

Natal - RN

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte; it is a great place for people who enjoy surfing, the sun, and beaches. The city offers several activities beyond swimming, such as surfing, fishing, kayaking, and jet-skiing. For adventurous people, it is fun to speed on a sand buggy through sand dunes. But if you want to appreciate the views, you better take a slow ride on a camel instead. For example, a large park city in Natal to visit is Parque das Dunas with over one thousand hectares made of forest and sand. Also, the beaches and lakes are a great attraction to have fun or just enjoy a relaxing time while eating and playing with fishes when tables and chairs are inside the lakes, and the water is up to your knees.

Sand dunes in Natal


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