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4 Essential Travel Items

4 Essential Travel Items

    Hello everyone! If you are planning to travel any time soon, you should consider buying these four

items for your trip because they will be really helpful. These items will make your life easier in a way

that you don’t need others taking your pictures, don’t need to be worried about low your phone battery

is or losing something on your trip, or having your clothes always fresh. 

  1. Selfie stick & Tripod

    I got this self-stick/tripod on Amazon, and it was a great purchase before my trip to LA. It comes with

a remote that connects to the phone, and I did not have to worry about asking people to take my

pictures. It is 40 inches extendable, so I thought the height was good enough for my pictures. The

remote worked well, and I had no problems being at a certain distance from my phone, they kept

connected, and the remote was charged for a long time. These are some of the pictures I took with the

tripod version:

You can buy this item here:

  1. Portable Charger

    Unless your phone takes hours before losing all the battery charge, you need a portable charger.

When going outside and using data from your phone for maps or taking pictures and recording videos,

all of these functions will make the phone die quick, and even though some stores or malls may have

a place to charge the phone, it is easier to have a portable charger because you do it anywhere. 

You can buy this item here:

  1. Travel Backpack with password

    When traveling by myself, I usually go out with a backpack when visiting the attractions so I can

have all the items I need that would not fit in a purse. Some people have their backpacks placed in the

front to make sure no one is going to open and steal something. Well, I found this backpack for

laptops that had a password, and I thought as a great option to travel, so I don’t have to worry about

anyone trying to open it. It fits under the plane seat and is the best backpack I’ve ever got for a

traveling purpose. 

You can buy this item here:

  1. Portable Travel Steamer

    The steamer is small, lightweight and you can carry everywhere that you think you will need it for

your clothes. It removes wrinkles, clean, and refreshes clothes while it takes less effort and time when

compared with a regular iron. The steamer heats up really fast, and it is efficient in making the clothes

neat. Just put your outfit on a hanger and start heating up! 

You can buy this item here:

Have a wonderful trip!


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